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Breakthrough Wellness For the Entire Family

Yoli offers innovative, simple solutions to some of today’s most pressing health challenges. Our hectic, on-the-go modern lifestyles often lead to poor decisions when it comes to what we consume on a daily basis.

Grabbing that quick soda or even fruit juice, with all of the sugar, chemicals and preservatives, or that fast meal with very little nutrition (and worse, loads of grease and fat) all contribute to an overly acidic environment in the body which, leading experts agree, eventually leads to disease.

What we put into our bodies becomes and affects everything we are, both physically and mentally. You are, after all, what you eat and drink. You may feel fine today, but if you don’t start creating some new healthy habits, these bad habits will eventually catch up with you.

Our patented ingredient, Alkalete, whether in liquid, capsule or granule form, helps our bodies eliminate acidic waste from age, stress, and diet so that the body can create an alkaline environment, experience optimal health, and slow down the aging process itself.

Yoli’s products can help every member of the family start creating healthy habits today. Our TRUTH and FUN Blends offer an easy way for anyone to get their antioxidants, superfruits, and other nutrients in a fun, delicious, pure form without all of the processing, chemicals, preservatives and sugars found in most liquid beverages.

We do this through finding the most popular, effective superfruits, and then using a freeze-drying process to lock the nutrients in place without causing any damage or decreasing their nutritive value, like when standard pasteurization processes are used.


  • NO Artificial Flavors
  • NO Chemicals
  • NO Fillers
  • NO Pasteurization
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Sugar


  • Alkalete™ – pH Stabilizer, Acid Neutralizer
  • Naturally Sweetened with STEVIA
  • Naturally Derived Ingredients
  • Preserved Nutrients
  • Low Calorie Products


One of the main culprits behind poor health, excessive weight gain, diabetes, and body acidity, is sugar, in all it’s myriad forms. Today, too many people are choosing soda instead of healthy beverages as their primary hydration and the health of an entire culture is at risk.

The number one source of calories in the U.S. comes from high fructose corn syrup primarily in the form of soda. Americans drink an average of one gallon of soda each week, and this excessive fructose consumption is a driving force behind obesity and chronic degenerative disease in this country.

This is exactly the reason why Yoli opted to use xylitol and stevia in its formulations rather than cheaper, harmful sweeteners. Stevia has zero glycemic index (meaning it has no carbs) and allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your blood sugar levels. It’s even highly alkalizing rather than extremely acidic.

Here are some alarming statistics that Yoli is out to help reverse:

  • Fructose is the #1 source of calories in the entire US.
  • 1 out of every 3 children born after 2000 is predicted to have type 2 diabetes *
  • Which means that 45 million in U.S. could have the disease by 2050 *
  • More Than 72 Million U.S. Adults Obese (1 out of 3), 2 out of every 3 overweight *
  • The average American drinks an estimated 54 gallons of soda per year*
  • 1 coca cola is the equivalent of 2.5 snickers
  • One soda a day adds up to a whopping 91,000 calories over a year’s time – that’s 26 pounds of fat.*

Furthermore, people who consumed one or more sodas per day are:

  • 44% more likely to have metabolic syndrome
  • 31% more likely to be obese
  • 25% more likely to have higher blood sugar
  • 18% more likely to have high blood pressure

Yoli recognized the need to get the truth out and lead the charge with healthy beverage solutions and products that the entire family can enjoy. A healthy strategy for great hydration and to help combat obesity and chronic disease is to replace all sodas and other sweet beverages with Yoli TRUTH and Yoli FUN.

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